The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency is responsible for the danish implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

The INSPIRE Directive was established in May 2007. The mission of the INSPIRE Directive is to implement and connect spatial information in Europe. The aim with spatial information is that geodata can be used on local, national and European level and between different sectors (Environment, transport, agriculture, health etc.)

The infrastructure of geodata includes data and services which are available to use and reuse for different sectors in the society.  INSPIRE is built on the foundation that it is better and more economical to collect and maintain data together in a joint venture.

The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency is responsible for the implementation of the Directive.

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  • Monitoring and Reporting of the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in Denmark.
  • The Act on Infrastructure for Geographical Information through which the INSPIRE Directive is transposed into Danish legislation.